A slight change of plans

In exercise, as with life, you must be able to adapt.

Eaaaarly this morning I woke up to rain.  I rolled over to check my alarm, okay 2am… it will be gone by 5:30.  Yeah, NOPE!  I woke up again around 5 and texted the husband, “Aaaand no running outside for us!”.  The rain didn’t go away until later this morning… much too late to take a jog.  So I sat around pouting for a bit (I really wanted to get out and run today!) but decided that I NEED to do something.  So I put on one of my cute new outfits and decided to do a TurboFire HIIT.

Successfully finished the TurboFire HIIT 15 (just in time because my youngest was wanting to take a nap).  I took a break to put the baby to sleep, set up the older two with an educational computer game (love those for a little ME time!), and was able to complete ChaLEAN Extreme Burn Circuit 3!

(You can tell I’m a mom, huh?!  Weights in the middle of toys!  That’s how it is around here in order for me to get my workout on!!)

I am SO glad that I decided to add TurboFire back into the mix, I have missed my “soulmate workout”!!

When things don’t go as planned, don’t let it get you down.  Find an alternative and ROCK it!


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